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Skid School Training Programmes

Skid Correction

This course will teach drivers to recognise the causes of a skid and learn how to master the control of front wheel, rear wheel or a four wheel skid. The instructor can adjust the car's behaviour according to the skill of the driver, and gradually increase the severity of skid as the driver's confidence and ability increases. Aquaplaning and black ice conditions can also be simulated in a safe learning environment.

Fleet Training

Companies, with employees who clock up significant mileage due to their role, can take advantage of our fleet training packages. Our fleet training packages are designed to give employees greater awareness of the risks involved with driving duties. As a company it will give you reassurance that you are working to keep your employees safer while on the road, and meet your duties under current legislation as well as a reduction in fuel and maintenance costs.

Driver Awareness 

Although the experience is fun, there is a serious message behind the training we offer. We run a half day training session that teaches you real life skills. This training will help you to realize just how much danger it could be to drive during bad weather conditions on the road. Slippery when wet cannot describe in full how the track helps to teach young drivers about the dangers of skidding and what to do to regain control of a skidding vehicle. Web Site Design Company : eCommerce Software Shopping Cart Solutions